If you are interested in adopting one of the available animals below, please submit an adoption application.  Cats may be viewed at our location at the Kingston Collection Mall.

Keep an eye out for more animals coming soon! Please check back for updates.

Featured Pet: Rusty!

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Rusty is a wonderful and loving 1.5 year-old that is searching for a special family to call his own. This handsome shepherd mix has been through a lot in his short life but remains such a trusting and sweet companion. Rusty was not vaccinated as a pup and developed distemper. This interfered with his brain development and left him with some coordination and learning differences. If that weren't enough, he and his 3 siblings were then dropped off at a kill shelter. All of Rusty's siblings were quickly scooped up but Rusty was left there alone.


We knew that Rusty deserved a chance for a new life and he has proved us right! With physical therapy and determination, his coordination and confidence are improving. He will need to continue with physical therapy as needed. Stairs do remain a safety hazard for him so he does require a home with minimal steps. Rusty loves playing and "rough-housing" with another dog that enjoys the same, so another playful toughie is a must. But no little kids for this guy, he wants his adults all to himself. When playtime is done, Rusty snuggles in and is ready for some cozy cuddling - just like any other loving dog.

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